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Mental health cannot be separated from overall health. According to the WHO, it is part of it in the same way as physical health.

Affected by working conditions, mental health has become an issue for companies in recent years. As such, caring about the mental health of its employees means developing the concept of well-being at work and ultimately obtaining a healthy work environment, employee loyalty and company productivity.

This is what we propose to work on with this theme of mental health, emphasizing the prevention of burn-out, bore-out and psychosocial risks (PSR). These mental states that emerge in a professional situation gradually affect personal life and physical health. However, it is possible to learn to recognize the risk factors and the first signs of exhaustion at work, to fight against their appearance or to manage them when they are installed.

The first step of this module will be to familiarize the teams with the concepts of burn-out, bore-out or even brown-out, and in general the psychosocial problems that it is possible to encounter at work. We can then work on the risk factors and the first signs to recognize of a worrying state of mental health. Burnout should not be a taboo subject in the workplace.

Once the principal of the prevention of burn-out, bore-out and psychosocial risks (RPS) will be acquired, we will share methods of stress management and relaxation in the professional environment.

Do you want to set up a campaign to prevent psychosocial risks at work? So, start the conversation with our advisors!

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#1 – A first contact is necessary to get to know each other and for our part to analyze your needs.

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#2 – Thanks to our exchanges, we agree on the modules adapted to your health prevention program.

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#3 – It is then time for you to start integrating the health prevention program within your organization.

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#4 – You should begin to feel the importance of a work/life balance, and the well-being that comes with it.

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#5 – You will then be able to access all the analysis data of our services to take stock of the results of our support.

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#6 – And a healthy business, one!

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