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mental health

Mental health is becoming a major concern for companies and employees. Indeed, 88 % of them expect an active investment from their employer regarding their mental well-being. According to the WHO, it is part of it in the same way as physical health. Thus, caring about the mental health of its employees means implementing a real culture of well-being at work and, by offering a healthy work environment, obtaining the commitment of its employees and improving the company's productivity. 

Tea training mental health

image carte module rps burn-out


Understand professional burnout and preventive actions PSR

image carte module stress TMS_yogist

Stress & chronic pain

Understanding stress and preventing it musculoskeletal problems (TMS)

image carte module 30 min pour destresser

30 min to de-stress

Learn to take cerebral and physical breaks to gain serenity

image carte module harcèlement

STOP bullying

Know how to identify & prevent harassment

Tea workshops in mental health

image carte atelier antistress

anti stress

Learn to control your stress and unleash your potential

Already more than 300 organizations trust us to their mental health.

Health calendar: key dates

The essential tool for highlights not to be missed, to take care of your employees all year round.

Medisur themes

Our health prevention modules do not stop there! Interconnected, other health themes will interest you:


Take action independently with the Medisur Health Box

Inform & Raise awareness

Discover the basics of a health subject and adopt the right preventive measures

Accompany & Animate

Go further with health professionals during discussion sessions

The Medisur method

A different approach from others

AT concrete 3-step process which combines information and awareness, independent practice by employees and facilitation by health experts.

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