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health actors

To act together
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Alongside health actors Medisur is involved in health prevention by strengthening its access to the population.
Medisur already supports 500 health professionals

Your goals

Give sense to health projects

We are convinced that health prevention has a major role to play in order to act sustainably on the health of populations. Find out how Medisur and health actors can work together with your organization.

Join forces with a team specialized in health prevention to solidly build your health project according to the needs identified within the local population.
Raise awareness
Enrich the health pathway and access to care for patients by developing territorial prevention actions.
Participate in the in-depth transformation of the local health system by deploying your health prevention actions during open days or participatory workshops.
Our teams of experts in health prevention travel throughout France, meeting all the actors in the field who make up the Professional Territorial Health Communities (CPTS).

our multi-thematic catalog

Preventive actions a choice

Our multi-thematic approach allows you to choose from many health prevention topics that concern the population of the territory in which you operate. Discover them.

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Find out in detail how Medisur can help your organization

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our products

Biological tests health

Actors of their health, the patients concretize their approach of prevention thanks to our self-diagnostic devices.

Our ranges of biological tests ranging from prevention to fertility through psychotropic drugs and Covid-19 cover the screening of pathologies such as colon cancer, breast cancer, urinary tract infections and prostate cancer…

Our french laboratory being in constant research, our offer is enriched regularly. We are ISO 13485 certified.

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Our customers testify

Superb collaboration! It's going very well. The delivery is very fast. Very good product quality. I only work with MEDISUR: "the Rolls-Royce of the test!". No customer returns. They are all satisfied, both for the COVID range and for the Fertility range.
Marc Louvier
Pharmacist @Bel Ormeau Pharmacy
témoignage médecine travail santé provence medisur
It's a device that I find absolutely wonderful since it really reinforces this sensation on palpation. I admit that it is quite extraordinary and stunning. The patients have the same feeling, because once I have made them try the pad, they all want to acquire it. I can only encourage doctors to use this pad because it will facilitate their examination. And I encourage women to practice self-examination and in particular with the pad, because it will be much easier for them.
Christine Fabre
Doctor @Occupational medicine Santé Provence

our approach

Revitalize health prevention

Benefit from our experience with many health professionals on various health prevention topics.

By accompanying you, we put at your service our french laboratory to provide you with biological tests that give substance to preventive actions.

We provide you with the material you need to communicate in a way that is adapted to the population of your territory.

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