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Medisur helps companies set up awareness programs, training in health, well-being and safety prevention to take care of your teams. 💪

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Customer testimonials
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logo happydemics
Happydemics — “A very accessible, available and caring. The format is very convenient to get informed, then discuss in small groups and ask questions.”
Practical workshop Pink October
logo pernod ricard france_couleur
Pernod Ricard France — “Returns very positive. This sparked a strong interest employees. Many have come looking for health boxes after the conference”
Conference My skin and the sun
logo atomic digital design
Atomic Digital Design — “Workshop very useful since the women themselves asked to be palpated and guided in the self-examination[...]”
Pink October Participatory Workshop
logo groupe legendre
Legendre Group - "Very satisfied ! A speaker professional who knew how to answer all the questions of the public concerning the male pathologies [...]”
Movember Participatory Workshop
logo santé provence travail
Provence Health Work — “Device absolutely tremendous it reinforces the sensation on palpation.[...] I encourage doctors to use it, it will facilitate their examination. And women to practice self-examination with."
Self-examination pad
Ysé — “It was great [...] The professional was kind and pleasantfelt comfortable. The prevention workshop is pedagogic and allows us to be more aware of the risks involved.”
Pink October conference and boxes