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Intimate health

By addressing topics of intimate health, our Medisur method aims to help you break tabooss in business. Our training courses are delivered by experts in intimate health to make your employees aware of the subjects of breast cancer, from colorectal cancer and Prostate cancer. Our exchange workshops allow us to open dialogue without taboo, while our boxes containing self-tests health and e-guides offer screening in complete privacy for everyone.

The modules intimate health

The workshops in intimate health

The boxes intimate health

Already more than 300 organizations trust us to their personal health.

Health calendar: key dates

The essential tool for highlights not to be missed, to take care of your employees all year round.

Medisur themes

Our health prevention modules do not stop there! Interconnected, other health themes will interest you:


Take action independently with the Medisur Health Box

Inform & Raise awareness

Discover the basics of a health subject and adopt the right preventive measures

Accompany & Animate

Go further with health professionals during discussion sessions

The Medisur method

A different approach from others

A concrete 3-step process which combines information and awareness, independent practice by employees and facilitation by health experts.

Blog posts

Better known than Blue Mars, Pink October is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. In France, one in eight women will be affected by breast cancer in her lifetime, and if detected early, it is cured in nine out of ten cases. It was enough for Medisur to be a module focused on intimate health to talk about Pink October.

Our Pink October program is thus accompanied by useful information to fight against breast cancer, practical methods for detecting it and breast self-examination pads.

The "Movember" movement gives pride of place to men's health: their mental health, testicular cancer and prostate cancer. For the occasion, men have the custom of shaving their mustache on November 1 and then letting it grow throughout the month.

Our "Movember" health module allows you to take control of the movement and apply it in your organization, backed up by a complete program on male diseases. As with our other intimate health modules, we offer everyone the opportunity to test themselves with the provision of prostate self-tests as well as a mental health self-diagnosis questionnaire.

Colorectal cancer is the second deadliest cancer in France, all sexes combined. The month of March has become a time to highlight colorectal cancer screening. Our module is thus structured around the Blue Mars in order to provide everyone with all the elements necessary to combat this pathology in time.

During the educational program concocted by our experts, we therefore address the key figures of colorectal cancer, the symptoms to be recognized, the risk factors that can be avoided or not, and of course screening thanks in particular to the provision of colorectal self-tests.

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