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Health and welfare

Science has long demonstrated that our lifestyle habits have a strong influence on our health: this is called lifestyle. It goes through diet, physical activity and other lifestyle habits that guarantee health; this is what we propose to address in this theme of health and well-being. In particular, we operate through two major modules: 30 days without tobacco, which represents an opportunity to challenge smoking, and a balanced diet to raise awareness of its virtues. Under the guise of health prevention, we will try together to take care of our health rather than waiting to get sick.

Tobacco causes a very strong addiction to nicotine and is part of very quickly anchored behavioral habits. Smoking is responsible for more than one in eight deaths in France and is the leading cause of preventable mortality (source: Fight against smoking – Ministry of Health and Prevention). Traditionally, the month of November is devoted to campaigns to prevent and raise awareness of diseases caused by smoking.

For several years, national plans to combat smoking had borne fruit in France, with a drop in the number of smokers between 2014 and 2019. Unfortunately, the context of the health crisis with the confinements of 2020 slowed down until this level stabilized. decrease. According to the latest figures from Public Health France, there are 25.5% of daily smokers in France in 2020.

Since 2016, the month of November has been devoted to anti-smoking prevention campaigns, with a strong incentive to quit smoking throughout the month. Thanks to the tobacco-free month, smokers are five times more likely to quit smoking for good! What we offer in this "30 days without tobacco" module is precisely an active support to apprehend the month of November with the best weapons. 

Beyond this month of anti-tobacco challenge, we discuss with the teams the key figures of smoking, the effects of tobacco on health, the management of nicotine addiction, as well as our best advice on habits. of life to support smoking cessation.

Food is the basis of health in terms of prevention. If it is varied and balanced, it participates in the regulation of the immune system. We therefore focus in this lifestyle module on the effects of food on health, with in particular common deficiencies and excesses, their causes and their consequences on health. We also discuss in this module the link between diet and mental health as well as intellectual productivity. The main goal of this complete program is to make everyone autonomous and active in their diet to enhance their health. 

To support the different modules that make up this food hygiene program in a concrete way, we provide various self-tests: cholesterol tests, vitamin D, hydration, iron, vitamin B12, fatty acid balance, etc.

So, what if we worked together on health and well-being soon? Now is the time to get in touch with our teams!

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Health prevention and well-being is our hobby, and we don't intend to keep all our knowledge to ourselves!

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Our engagement

The guarantees of Medisur

Our best experts in health prevention ready to intervene with your organization.

A composition of modules adapted to your organization in order to obtain the greatest possible commitment.

A team of enthusiasts at your service, a technological solution at your service.

Our formats

Build your accompaniement ideal

We do not have a predefined health program because we personalize all our intervention according to the organizations. Each of them has its own objectives to which we adapt.

Our sessions can take place in groups or not, online or face-to-face (or both), we can intervene in person or broadcast a webinar, and even set up a screening clinic within your premises. So what do you choose?

Around the health subject(s) that we have determined together, we can intervene within your organization during participatory events.

Our approach

6 steps to benefit from the best support
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#1 – When you contact us, it is to share your needs and objectives with us so that we can analyze them.

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#2 – Then, we select together the health prevention program that suits your organization, with as many modules as necessary, around the chosen health themes.

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#3 – Then begins the implementation of our common project, within your teams.

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#4 – As the support program unfolds, you will gradually notice the balance that is formed between the professional lives of the members of your organization and their personal lives.

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#5 – It will then be time for us to give you access to our statements and analyzes of our overall support.

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#6 – Finally, the members of your organization are in full control of their health!

Already more than 300 organizations trust us to their health

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