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Health and security at work

According to article L.4121-1 of the Labor Code, the employer must take “the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of workers” (source: Legifrance). He must first assess the occupational risks of each workstation, because not all positions present the same risks in terms of health and safety at work. Then, depending on the existing risks, the employer must set up appropriate prevention modules.

Occupational road accidents are 4 times more fatal than other accidents and represent more than a third of road accidents in general. The prevention of professional road risks therefore seems to us to be the most important approach to be implemented within a company to guarantee the safety of employees. Our professional road risk prevention module therefore addresses the various risk factors and the prevention measures to be implemented within the teams in a fun and effective way.

The consumption of psychotropic drugs is not insignificant and its consequences on the work environment are serious. Did you know: addictions are involved in one in three work accidents! In addition, the consumption of psychotropic drugs in connection with work accidents engages the responsibility of the leaders of the organization. 

In the module on the prevention of addictions at work, we thus approach the various psychoactive substances generating addictive behavior and their consequences on one's own organism as well as on the organization in which one evolves. Various self-tests accompany this module, which are used to raise awareness and screen: breathalyzers, multi-drug self-tests, cannabis self-tests or even nicotine self-tests.

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We cover many other health topics that will appeal to you:

We have so much to share with you occupational health and safety. Discover the work of our experts in our dedicated blog articles.

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Here is how we offer personalized support. Depending on your issues and challenges, we can either intervene face-to-face, or remotely online, or with a combination of the two. 

You may want to organize an awareness day, or rather a webinar. A screening clinic on site? Everything is possible :

Around the health subject(s) that we have determined together, we can intervene within your organization during participatory events.

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6 steps to benefit from the best support
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#1 – We make an appointment to discuss your prerequisites.

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#2 – After analyzing your needs, we choose the health theme(s) adapted to your organisation, the intervention modules and the format of our support.

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#3 – We assign you a privileged Medisur interlocutor, with whom you set up the health prevention plan within your organization.

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#4 – Involved, you highlight the balance of employees, who oscillate between personal life and professional life.

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#5 – We allow you to follow with us the implementation of the health prevention project and share with you our analysis of the results.

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#6 – Each staff member who participated in the health prevention plan has become autonomous in their health, and your organization benefits from it!

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