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Movember in business: what actions?

Movember, actions for a good cause

Movember is a movement that honors male diseases. By this we mean prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention in men. Throughout the world in November, actions are taken to raise funds for scientific research and to highlight diseases that particularly affect men. Movember in business is indeed a significant lever for involving teams and raising awareness about men's health. 

Common Movember actions

The most famous Movember action, because the most visible, is the mustache: on November 1, men are invited to shave beards and mustaches. Then throughout the month, they let only the mustache grow. The movement found there an ingenious idea to make people talk about Movember and raise funds, because the mustache in the middle of a face is as visible as the nose. 


It is also customary to run 60 km in November, in honor of the 60 men who commit suicide every hour around the world. Men and women can join a race organized in their city or organize one as a team. 


To continue to open the dialogue around prostate cancer and other men's diseases, it is possible to create "Mo'ments", i.e. collective moments to discuss Movember topics and raise funds. . 

Movember lends itself well to corporate life

Generally speaking, corporate health is an excellent strategy to put in place. Employees are asking their company to take care of health issues, this is now part of well-being at work. It seems quite logical when the company is the place where we spend the most time. 

In addition, addressing men's health is essential in business to help break taboos. The topics discussed will interest both men and women, who will in turn be able to talk about them around them.

Finally, Movember actions in companies are user-friendly and help to strengthen team spirit. They bring cohesion and dialogue. For example, teams can organize a “Mo'ment” at the beginning of November to shave their mustaches together and discuss health prevention topics such as prostate cancer and testicular cancer. During the month, teams of employees can register for a Movember race and represent their company. 

The Medisur module to integrate Movember in business

To integrate health prevention in the workplace, who better than Medisur? Our men's health module covers Movember topics and more. Male mental health, prostate cancer, testicular cancer, but also male fertility and male impotence. Watchword ? Breaking taboos in company around male diseases! 

We intervene according to your organization, in the form of webinars, conferences, training workshops... And we accompany our interventions with self-tests, in order to concretize health prevention and involve employees more. 

So, are we adopting the mustache in business?

Tip: Men's health prevention isn't necessarily just November with Movember. It's also all year round! Let's open the dialogue without restriction. Our health modules are not only seasonal.