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Frequently Asked Questions

Consult our business FAQ for precise answers to your questions and thus understand all aspects of our corporate health and well-being prevention offers.

We have designed this FAQ for companies who want to involve Medisur with their teams. By answering your most frequently asked questions, we hope to give you a clear overview of how our interventions can benefit your organization. If your question does not appear, contact us.


Training support

First of all, we are ISO 13485 certified by AFNOR. This standard relates to the medical devices sector and is based on the ISO 9001 standard.

In 2023, we obtained QUALIOPI certification! This certification allows us to be eligible for funding from public organizations such as OPCO. QUALIOPI is a guarantee of quality for our customers, ensuring compliance in the design, implementation and evaluation of our corporate training actions.

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In order to meet the specific requirements of each company as closely as possible, we offer tailor-made rates. Several criteria are taken into account to define our prices: the duration of the intervention, the format (face-to-face, distance learning, etc.), the health prevention theme chosen, the public and the degree of adaptation depending on the profession. We create an event specific to your organization, so contact you to discuss.

You can obtain assistance to finance our training in full or in part. Thanks to QUALIOPI certification, our training can be covered by your OPCO.

What is an OPCO?
An OPCO, for Skills Operator, is an organization approved by the State which is involved in financing in-company training and apprenticeships. Currently, professional activities are distributed among the eleven official OPCOs. To find out which OPCO you depend on, nothing could be simpler: go to the website Directory of OPCO Skills Operators
Other financing and assistance
Beyond OPCOs, other funding and assistance is possible for our training. Here are the main ones:
  • Since 2023, the Prevention passport supports employers in managing their health and safety obligations at work. This tool is defined as support for workers and centralizes their rights and their achievements in terms of training.
  • If a national agreement of objectives has been signed in your sector of activity and your company has fewer than 200 employees, you can then request a prevention contract. This way, you will be able to finance projects intended to improve health and safety conditions within your company, such as our training courses for example.
  • There are also Prevention Grants to financially support VSEs/SMEs in their actions to protect the health of employees.

Preparing for the intervention

As soon as you send us a quote request, you establish exclusive contact with our team. Once it is signed, our coordination team works to contact you quickly and plan the intervention. If you have an urgent question, your sales representative will be happy to liaise with the coordination team.

At no time do we cut off communication, we remain at your side. ❤️

It’s up to the coordination team to play! Thanks to the contact we have established together, our team will be able to organize everything for the big day. Their role is to set up the event within your company, from A to Z, so that everything goes smoothly. unfolds as you wish.💪🏼✨

Once the quote is validated, our team will send you a concrete communication kit: emails, publications for the company's social networks, digital poster on request... Everything you need to communicate with your teams and ensure their participation.

Once the quote is signed, the Coordination team is specially dedicated to the preparation and success of the intervention in your organization. She is the one you should contact if you have any questions about the procedure. Our team is here for that, go ahead with your heart!

Face-to-face intervention

In order to properly meet the needs of the intervention, your sales representative will submit a prerequisite questionnaire to you. In just a few clicks, we will take inventory of the equipment your company has for the day of the intervention. In this way, we will be able to anticipate the needs of the speaker according to the format and subject of the training.

Yes and no ! The recording of Medisur's intervention is subject to conditions which are defined in advance with your sales representative. In this regard, a legal image rights document can be signed by both parties.

In this case only, you will be able to film the event for internal use only.

All Medisur training materials presented during our interventions remain the exclusive property of Medisur. However, our coordination team will send you a training memo that you can keep and consult at your leisure.

We carefully select speakers capable of transmitting our know-how. The coordination team evaluates each speaker based on their ability to promote our modules, their interpersonal skills, their knowledge and their professional background. 

If you would like to know more, you can contact the coordination team. They will be happy to share this information with you.

We attach great importance to respecting people's privacy during our interventions. 

This is why we invite you to contact our coordination team in order to agree together on the communication methods relating to the event.


Remote intervention

We use Livestorm, a French platform, like us. It does not require downloading any software or mobile application. Everything is done from any browser, both by computer and by mobile; no other tools are needed.

We create a dedicated Livestorm event for intervention in your company, on the agreed day and time, upon receipt of the signed quote. Simple, right?

On request, we can schedule an appointment to test the tool.

If you don't want to use our Livestorm webinar tool, there's nothing stopping you from setting up a Teams meeting, Google Meet, Webex, Zoom or any other tool of your choice. Our staff will know how to use them without problem.

The recording of a Medisur webinar is subject to terms and conditions previously defined with your sales representative. Signing a legal document will be required.

Otherwise with Livestrom, at the end of the webinar, a replay link will be automatically sent to all registered collaborators. The webinar will therefore remain available for replay for 60 days.

To maximize the number of webinar participants, we suggest offering the event to your teams at least 15 days before the scheduled date. You can do this by sending a communication by email and/or on your Intranet, or display it on the notice board in the break room for example. 

For this, we are sending you a communication kit to put all the chances on your side. You also have the possibility of announcing the event on your social networks in order to publicly encourage your teams to participate.

Our team takes care of creating the event and reminders. Then, it sends you the link to the event registration page; you will be able to distribute it internally to your teams.

When registering, your employees will simply have to provide their first and last name and email address. Once registered, they will receive several emails:

  • a registration confirmation email,
  • an email reminder of the event 24 hours before the start,
  • an email reminder of the event 1 hour before the start.

The event reminder email, sent 1 hour before the start, contains a link to connect to the webinar. Registered participants will then be able to access the event.

If you log in before time, you will be directed to a virtual waiting room, waiting for the session to begin.

Yes, all webinar registrants, whether or not they participated in the live event, will receive a replay link shortly after the end of the intervention.

The replay link that registrants receive after the webinar ends remains active for 60 days.

After the end of the event, you can ask the Medisur coordination team to send you all available information regarding the event. You will thus have access to the number of registrants, to the list and the number of participants who watched the live broadcast as well as the number of views of the replay. Livestorm's dashboard also contains participant engagement data, including participation in chat, polls, and questions.

Health box

Our health boxes are the real allies of our corporate prevention workshops. They then make the participants autonomous and actors in their own health. They contain a self-assessment tool based on the chosen health theme, certified ISO 13485. 

Thanks to this standard, tests are guaranteed, efficient and reliable. We draw our customers' attention to the fact that these medical devices provide information on the health of users and that they do not replace health professionals.

Our self-assessment tools are accompanied by a booklet containing all the essential information related to the self-test, as well as a QR code allowing access to an interactive e-guide.

Box santé Octobre Rose

If your business includes multiple sites, don't worry! Inform your sales representative of the different delivery points to which the coordination team should send the health boxes.

Interactive e-Guide

Our interactive e-guides complement our face-to-face and/or remote training. They allow participants to discover or rediscover important information for their health, in complete autonomy.

The e-guides are accessible at any time, from any device (mobile, tablet, laptop).

After the intervention

Depending on the theme of the training, participants may receive a certificate of achievement and aptitude or a certificate of participation. 

At the end of each training course, we send the beneficiary company a satisfaction evaluation questionnaire. Our goal is to collect your comments and opinions, to continually refine our service. After all, we are engaged in a process of continuous improvement, right?

Do you have another question?

Our teams remain available for any further questions. You can contact us directly using the form below.