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Who are we

our ambition

Let's build together a lasting health

Your health belongs to you, we help you take control of it.
Medisur is a team of men and women who work every day for health prevention. Here is our story!

MEDISUR wants to promote health prevention in France, so that everyone can become an actor in their own health. This is why we have made it our mission to propose concrete actions in terms of health prevention thanks to appropriate systems. We believe that taking charge of your health applies to both private life and the workplace. Since everyone spends an important part of their daily life there, the company is a privileged place to prevent and act. 

This is why MEDISUR also supports companies in their Quality of Life at Work and Hygiene, Health and Safety initiatives through health prevention plans.

In numbers

In 2022, Medisur is:

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A story of friendship

The origin of Medisur: Edward and Vincent

Vincent DAILLOUX and Edouard RAULINE, originally from Paris, have been friends since their college years. One obtained a master's degree in genetics and worked for 10 years in the health sector. The other trained at ESSEC in international business before beginning a career of several years within the DANONE group. Both share a common fascination for innovation and for issues related to health and well-being. Years later, Edouard and Vincent imagine together a future where everyone would become more involved in their health and well-being, where certain diseases would be detected more easily at an early stage, where the maxim “Prevention is better than cure” would be everyone's creed… This is how the first lines of the “MEDISUR” story are written. After moving to the south (far from the traffic jams, closer to the cicadas!), Edouard and Vincent became the co-directors of the 1st company dedicated to prevention and health promotion via self-tests.
The MEDISUR laboratory was born.
Edouard Rauline | MEDISUR
Vincent Dailloux | MEDISUR

our steps

Our dates keys
Vincent DAILLOUX and Édouard RAULINE create MEDISUR, the first French company dedicated to prevention and the promotion of health through self-tests.
Already 12 health self-tests distributed to the general public via pharmacies. Listening to different needs, our ranges of self-tests cover health, fertility and psychotropics.
The Covid-19 pandemic marks a major turning point for MEDISUR, which is refocusing its activity on the development and distribution of Medical Devices for detecting the SARS-COV2 virus. Millions of tests are sold in France and abroad.
While the MEDISUR teams have doubled, we are helping companies to focus on the health of their employees. Our catalog of health themes is expanding to introduce a new approach to prevention in the workplace.
In 2023, Medisur obtained QUALIOPI certification, demonstrating its continued commitment to the quality of its services and strengthening its position as a trusted player in its field of activity.


The values who carry us


We place expertise at the center of our strategy and corporate culture. We are committed to making reliable and quality tools available.


MEDISUR carries innovation in its DNA. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to adapt to a constantly changing world.


Because trust is the most important thing, we work with our customers and partners in a spirit of sharing and total transparency.


We invest all our energy to make our devices simple and accessible to all. We want everyone to be able to take charge of their own health.


The teams by Medisur

Our team is made up of talented and passionate people!
We work daily to achieve our wildest ambitions and to meet the needs of our customers in terms of health prevention.

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