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Focus on the health of employees

Act in the company on the individual health of employees to boost collective performance.

Are you a collaborator?

They trust Medisur to take care of health, well-being and safety teams

Enter a virtuous circle

An employee disengaged from his work costs 14 310€ per year to his company² while a happy employee is 31% more productive and 6 times less absent³. Reverse the trend and regain control!

Your business challenges

Absenteeism, a scourge of companies

The very recent study reported by AXA indicates an increase of 41% ofabsenteeism between 2019 and 2022. In all, 44% of employees were absent at least one day in 2022.


For its part, Harris Interactive announces an average annual cost of absenteeism at €3,500 per employee in France, i.e. a total of 25 billion euros.

Taking care of health is all year round! 

Find all the health, QVT and safety highlights to improve the QVT of your employees

our health themes

A training catalog multi-thematic

Discover the health, well-being and safety modules that meet the challenges of your organization

A support custom made For Your Business

Medisur adapts to your business to offer you a personalized support depending on your organization, your prerequisites and quite simply your desires! Training formats and content that adapt to everyone.

Medisur is certified Qualiopi, guaranteeing the quality and effectiveness of our work training services.

Customer testimonials
The trust of our customers
logo happydemics
Happydemics — “A very accessible, available and caring. The format is very convenient to get informed, then discuss in small groups and ask questions.”
Practical workshop Pink October
logo pernod ricard france_couleur
Pernod Ricard France — “Returns very positive. This sparked a strong interest employees. Many have come looking for health boxes after the conference”
Conference My skin and the sun
logo atomic digital design
Atomic Digital Design — “Workshop very useful since the women themselves asked to be palpated and guided in the self-examination[...]”
Pink October Participatory Workshop
logo groupe legendre
Legendre Group - "Very satisfied ! A speaker professional who knew how to answer all the questions of the public concerning the male pathologies [...]”
Movember Participatory Workshop
logo santé provence travail
Provence Health Work — “Device absolutely tremendous it reinforces the sensation on palpation.[...] I encourage doctors to use it, it will facilitate their examination. And women to practice self-examination with."
Self-examination pad
logo experf
Expert - "It is playful [...] We can touch, we can understand. Much more interesting than mere words. Companies should offer prevention campaigns and this device to their collaborators.”
Pink October conference and boxes
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¹ Ayming, 2022
²IBET© 2020
³Harvard & MIT 2010