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Throughout his life, the human being, whether male or female, will be concerned by widespread and very common health issues. Even if genetic predispositions do not put everyone on an equal footing, health prevention has a major role to play for everyone, because lifestyle habits often have a direct impact on health. We have therefore grouped together in this theme of global health subjects that affect women and men, in order to prevent the development of certain diseases. The modules we cover in this global health theme are all interconnected; that is to say that they do not present pathologies that are distinct and independent of each other, quite the contrary; we consider that everything is linked.
⅓ of deaths in the world come from cardiovascular diseases, that is to say which concern the heart and blood vessels. Heart attacks and cerebrovascular accidents (CVA) are very common and worrying for the French. They are however easily avoidable thanks to health prevention, which seems to us as essential as it is unknown. In this health module focused on heart disease, we work on behavioral risk factors and lifestyle habits to avoid them. The self-tests provided support the employee awareness program.

Diabetes, this scourge! Widespread in the world and affecting more than a million active people in France, it can depend on genetic predispositions, but also and above all on lifestyle. As such, it can be avoided through health prevention, and even detected early enough to act before it becomes complicated and causes serious cardiovascular disease. We will insist in this “diabetes at work” health module on the appropriate behaviors to adopt at work to prevent this disease as much as possible.

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Our health prevention modules do not stop there! Interconnected, other health themes will interest you:

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Build your accompaniement ideal

Each organization is unique, because each human who composes it is. This is why we offer several ways to work together, depending on the issues and problems of your organization. It is also about being at the service of others.
Otherwise, our experts will intervene face-to-face, whether for group workshops or individual sessions. We will even be able to combine face-to-face with distance learning by supplementing the sessions led on site with a unique online experience.

Around the health subject(s) that we have determined together, we can intervene within your organization during participatory events.

Our approach

6 steps to benefit from the best support
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#1 – You contact us to discuss the needs and challenges of your organization that we analyze.

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#2 – We determine together the format that our support will take, with the intervention modules adapted to your project, according to the chosen health themes.

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#3 – Accompanied by a privileged Medisur interlocutor, you put into action the health prevention project with your teams

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#4 – You attach great importance to the balance between the personal life and the professional life of the employees.

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#5 – We provide you with an analysis of the entire project to follow with you the evolution of the health of your organization.

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#6 – Your employees are finally actors of their health, your organization benefits from it!

Already more than 300 organizations trust us to their health

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