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Overall health

Discover the Medisur method to address the overall health of your employees and improve their welfare. Our screening systems, our training and our participatory workshops are built around health topics that are widespread among women and men in France. Skin cancerDiabetes And cardiovascular illnesses to name a few, are common illnesses which nevertheless have a good chance of being avoided thanks to a good lifestyle, provided by health prevention. 

The modules overall health

module dry january

Dry January

Take on the alcohol-free challenge of the month Dry January

The screening workshops in overall health

The boxes overall health

Already more than 300 organizations trust Medisur to take care of health employees.
Health calendar: key dates

The essential tool for highlights not to be missed, to take care of your employees all year round.

Medisur themes
Our health prevention modules do not stop there! Interconnected, other health themes will interest you:
A unique experience

The method Medisur

A concrete process combining awareness, implementation with the Health Box by Medisur and dialogue with health experts.

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