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corporate culture

Make health prevention
a priority today.

corporate culture - vision

we get up every morning to
accompany you
ahead of your health.

We believe there is nothing more important than health. And on this point, science and logic agree to note that prevention is better than cure. We know exactly how to prevent. We know how to free speech on health topics sometimes taboo, often complex.
We ask ourselves every day how to make health prevention ever more transparent, so that it is understandable and accessible to all. Beyond health, we believe in human beings; we are convinced that each individual has the possibility (and the duty) to act for his own health, if he is given the means. And guess what? We have them, these means. Our ambition is to transmit them to you and thus make each individual actor of his health.

It is exactly for these reasons that we have decided to make health prevention a priority today. 

culture entreprise_2_medisur_nb
Our beautiful team.
A strong culture of innovation

It's teeming at Medisur! Ideas flow, inspirations evolve, needs change. Real jack-of-all-trades with a sharp mind, we keep abreast of market variations to best meet your requirements. Our ambition is to obtain the best for your health, and for this we are ready to go ever further in health prevention in order to develop new products. Our creativity has no limit!

Unparalleled dedication
Our daily obsession is to make health prevention accessible to everyone.
It's such an obsession that it's downright our credo, our DNA! Taking care of others is what gives meaning to our profession. We know that together we can build strong health for the future. We bet all our marbles on you, and that doesn't scare us, no, we trust.
Transparency as cement
We are all dependent on each other, and without clarity we can no longer support each other. This is why we have always cultivated the ethics of our transparency, from information to products, including our decisions and our processes. We thus build lasting relationships with you of course, but also with our suppliers, our customers, our partners and our employees. We believe in a virtuous circle so that everyone sees their happiness in it.
We have nothing to hide, everything to show.
Constant questioning
Speaking of relationships, what do you think of questioning?
At Medisur, we believe that it is essential to continue to move forward together. We are open-minded and honest enough with ourselves to know when to adjust course. It's what makes us stronger, more agile, it's what keeps us bouncing more and more in the right direction.
Conviviality and sharing as a bonus
When we founded Medisur, we knew one thing: it was not by keeping our expertise to ourselves that we were going to change the world! So we built a company where conviviality and sharing reign, for maximum dissemination of our knowledge. Because if it's to look at your navel, you might as well go back to bed. 
Kiss good night !  
corporate culture - values
Our motivation is you.
Caring about your health,
it is our job.
Say Health! 🙂

Medisur adapts to your company to offer you personalized support according to your organization, your prerequisites and quite simply your desires! Formats that adapt to your organizational constraints and challenges.

corporate culture - label
Prevention at the service of health
Value your commitments
and your culture

Do you want to promote your involvement in the health, well-being and safety of your employees? Medisur has precisely created the Prév'Ent label to highlight your occupational health policy. It revolves around 6 commitments and is obtained when you undertake with us a preventive health approach in your company.

This unique label attests to your desire to provide health and well-being solutions to your employees, to improve the performance of your company and to engage your social responsibility.

Our health prevention mission

Get involved with Medisur to make the health prevention of each employee one of the company's main performance levers.

Adopt a global approach to continuous improvement and support each employee individually according to their needs.

Let our experts guide you and build with you a solid health prevention plan to sustain your business. Medisur accompanies you throughout your journey using appropriate methods and structured follow-up.

Sign the Prev'Ent charter if:

You attach great importance to the balance between the personal life and the professional life of employees.

You know that the work environment has an impact on the security and employee comfort.

Do you want to improve the health and the welfare of your employees.

You know the benefits of healthy employees for performance of the company.

You want to allow employees to take charge of their health and maintain good lifestyle habits.

You want to improve the image of your company, attract And retain your talents.