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Article originally published September 29, 2022, updated September 20, 2023.

What is Pink October?

Today, 1 in 8 women lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. It is even the most common cancer in women in France with more than 58,000 new cases each year. 

However, early detection increases the chances of recovery: breast cancer detected early is cured in 90% cases! From the need to encourage women to undergo regular screening for breast cancer, the international movement was born Pink October. Each year, the campaign, carried by The Pink Ribbon association in France, emphasizes the importance of breast cancer screening in order to save lives. The objective is to inform, to interact but also to encourage as many people as possible to act in terms of prevention!

Thanks to the Pink October movement, new communities and associations are being created around this subject to develop the fight and carry a message of prevention loud and clear for all.

Despite its feminine sound, this awareness month also concerns men! Let's not forget: breast cancer is not just female. They represent less than 1% cases, or about 550 men affected in France each year. So, healthy gestures apply to everyone!

Companies, mobilize yourself and your employees

Corporate engagement is a big boost for the movement. Companies that are committed against cancer provide, for some, significant funds for research and also allow them to participate in the development of the movement and its sustainability.

“Cancer is a reality in the world of work” – league against cancer

Each company can make a commitment and mobilize its teams for the prevention and screening of breast cancer. We offer you some ideas of action to carry out in business!

Organize prevention training

The fight against breast cancer is a subject that is very important in business! Because yes, noLet's not forget: the health of employees is essential for a good performance of the company.

Do not hesitate to invite your collaborators in a common positive dynamic around the cause! Propose to organize an intervention in the company about the risks, the incidence and the preventive actions on breast cancer.

Early detection saves lives: breast cancer detected early enough has 9 out of 10 chance to be healed, so let's go! This is why it is essential to convey the right message, even at work. In addition, it's a good way to save your dear colleagues time: prevention comes to them!

Appreciated by employees, this awareness-raising action in the company reassures and makes it possible to show a real interest in their health. Moreover, it is not necessarily addressed only to women: men can also be affected by the disease and, also, can pass on the information to their loved ones.

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Content of a corporate training workshop​

As part of raising awareness of breast cancer screening in the workplace, several points are addressed:

  • Information on the key figures of breast cancer
  • The incidence, the risk factors, the symptoms visible or not...
  • Know the different screening methods
  • Raise awareness and train in the regular practice of breast self-examination with, in addition, the use of a breast self-examination aid pad to facilitate the procedure
  • Knowing good daily habits to limit the risk of developing anomalies
  • How to get involved

Referents in health prevention, such as Medisur, support companies in setting up health prevention campaigns thanks to kits, on-site events and many other actions!

Find more information to make your employees aware of the subject of Pink October here

Participate together in a sporting challenge

Every year in October in France, a multitude of initiatives are launched to participate in the fight against breast cancer and to raise awareness of screening for the disease. 

Another way to engage your employees: put on your sneakers and run for the cause!

In challenge mode or rather quiet race, the sporting event is a good way to participate in fundraising and communication of the cause. Marathons are also the perfect opportunity to bring employees together and improve team cohesion around the same subject which, let's remember, concerns everyone.

Run, walk, dress in pink, get informed, feel your chest, or even participate in the cause from a distance, everything is possible ! Employees all have their place in prevention and the company has a real role to play in raising awareness among as many people as possible. 

So in October (and all year round), be roses (even at work)!

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