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Health prevention meetings to remember in 2023

The field of health prevention is full of key events for anyone wishing to build a corporate health and well-being strategy. The themes of health prevention answering the questions raised by the CSR and QVT policies of a company are so numerous that one could get lost. Our team has thus selected and visually gathered in a single calendar all the 2023 health prevention dates that will enliven your year. Enough to take care of the health of your employees in the long term! 

To give you an overview, and to find out how prevention dates and events would benefit your QWL plan in 2023, here are some examples of topics you will find there. 

bien-être-entreprise medisur

In March: Blue Mars, prevention of colorectal cancer

Talking about health prevention brings up the subject of cancer, which is still too taboo. So imagine in March when the light is on colorectal cancer! However, this cancer is one of the deadliest today in France; the second for men and the third for women. However, if detected early enough, it is cured in 9 out of 10 cases. This is why an entire month is devoted to it, from March 1 to 31. Thus, it is easier to break taboos because it helps organizations to talk about it and spread screening.

In May: road safety days at work

From May 22 to 26, focus on road safety at work. When we know that road hazards are the leading cause of fatal accidents at work, we say to ourselves that there is still a lot of prevention work to be done. In addition, the campaign is national, supported by the Government. It then has a certain impact on the reception of your collaborators on this subject.

QVT week in June

Between June 19 and 23, 2023, Anact propels the Quality of Life at Work for a week. This is therefore an opportunity to set up QVT actions in your organization. The QVT is a very vast subject which must adapt to the structure in which it is integrated; so it is better to be accompanied, in order to offer relevant activities to its employees. 

June 10: World Wellness Day

For more than ten years now, we have been celebrating well-being on the second Saturday of June; this year, this world day falls on June 10, 2023. The main idea of this day is to gather on the subject of well-being, around an annual theme. The official website of World Wellness Day tells us that the 2023 theme revolves around a concept: #dancemagenta; that is to say, move and dance to do yourself good… A whole programme!

This kind of day, which may seem lighter because we are not dealing with serious pathologies or taboos, is no less important for precisely changing the rhythm of the agenda. 

Pink October 2023

This calendar event, everyone sees it happening every year. Impossible to miss thanks to its media coverage! During the month of October, breast cancer prevention is highlighted, with a whole host of actions online, in business and in the personal sphere. Races, webinars, conferences, everything is good to advance research and allow women to detect their breast cancer early enough. In this way, Pink October helps put the odds on their side to heal. 

November 2023

This one too, we're getting to know it, and that's good! The month of November has been dedicated to men's health for a few years thanks to Movember. This includes: prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide prevention in men. In a fun way by displaying their mustache when possible, all men can then advance research on the prevention of male cancers, break taboos on male mental health and open up dialogue. 

For the other 2023 health prevention dates, we invite you to download our agenda: