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What QVT actions can you offer your employees?

QVT, what is it?

The Quality of Life at Work is a company approach that consists of improving the well-being of employees by focusing on their physical and mental health. It also means ensuring that employees benefit from a healthy working environment adapted to them. This concerns company relations, the comfort of premises, communication, working time management… Today, more and more companies in France are making Quality of Life at Work a priority. Indeed, integrating QWL in a company means giving meaning to the work of employees and ensuring that everyone achieves their personal objectives. In addition, betting on the well-being of its employees is to boost the performance of the entire company!

Every year, the Quality of Life at Work week takes place. This time, it will take place from June 20 to 24, 2022. A new good reason to look into the subject. Take the opportunity to carry out concrete actions in the company. Even if we remember, QVT is all year round!

Good reasons to implement QWL measures

We know that 55% of French employees say they are stressed at work. (Workforce View, ADP 2020) Isn't that a good reason to be concerned about their well-being?

Other reasons to implement QWL measures in your company:

  • Take care and motivate your human resources;
  • Tackle the source of absenteeism at work;
  • Meet legal obligations for occupational health;
  • Promote the balance between productivity and personal life;
  • Strengthen the links within your teams;
  • Support your employees throughout the year (and life)

Some ideas for actions to take in business

Did you know ?

A happy employee is 55% more creative, 31% more productive, 9x more loyal and 6x less absent!

Take care of the health of your employees

QVT also means raising awareness of health prevention in the workplace. Putting in place awareness-raising actions for their health means acting in favor of the well-being of your employees.

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Offer health workshops

Workshops are a good way to strengthen the quality of work life in the company. It is also a concrete and dynamic way of approaching the health of employees. The goal: to enable employees to become real players in health prevention in the workplace. Organizing an awareness-raising process in the company allows employees to inquire, to interact and even to act about their health. We spend most of our waking time at work. The idea is to not have to wait until the end of the day to be able to worry about your health.

Several aspects of health can be addressed:
The Mental Health : take an interest in the psychological and emotional well-being of employees. Prevent stress at work, the risk of burn-out, bore-out, brown-out, psychological fatigue…
The overall health : prevent diseases (cancers, infections, etc.), take part in screenings during national campaigns (Pink October, Blue Mars, Movember…)
The health and safety : raise awareness about the risks of accidents (professional road risks, addictions to psychotropic drugs, etc.)
The health and wellness : a more general theme that addresses the adoption of a healthy lifestyle (good diet, risks related to smoking with Mois Sans Tabac)

So as not to miss your choice, perhaps you could assess the needs of your employees by carrying out an internal survey. What health topic might interest them the most?

Organize sports sessions

On a regular basis, it is a good idea to offer sports sessions within the premises of the company. In addition to strengthening the bonds of the team during an activity outside of work, this contributes to the concern for their well-being. Indeed, sport is even an effective way to reduce stress. So, Wednesday noon, it's sheathing and abs!

In line with physical condition, it is important to make employees aware of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders). In France, MSDs represent 87% occupational diseases and back pain is responsible for 20% accidents at work. (Amélie, 2020) A good reason to organize the arrival of an ergonomist in your company or to offer some stretching sessions.

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Create a relaxation area

Creating a relaxation area within the premises increases the quality of life at work! Breaks are essential to the good efficiency of employees. To maintain your work rhythm throughout the day, it is important to be able to cut yourself off from work for a few minutes. A real relaxation area is ideal! Perfect for recharging your energy in a calm and restful place, for chatting with your colleagues or simply laying down.

According to Irns The benefits of a micro-nap (between 5 and 20 minutes):

  • Improves memory
  • Increases concentration
  • Increases the productivity of 35% during the day
  • Develop creativity
  • Reduces stress

Little tips: Remember to vegetate the spaces! In addition to purifying the air of micro-particles of pollution and dust, plants have a soothing aura.

Rest is the key to performance at work!

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Offer team building activities

Strengthening the well-being of employees is good, and as a team, it is too! A great opportunity to create social ties while sharing a moment with colleagues outside of work. Collaborative activities, such as team building, are ideal for relaxing and releasing pressure while improving team cohesion.

Some ideas for fun team activities:

  • Escape Games
  • Laser Games
  • Treasure hunt
  • Orienteering

Give free rein to your imagination, all health initiatives are good to take. Your employees will thank you!