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55% of French employees feel stress at work

Stress at work is a phenomenon that affects a large proportion of French workers. According to the Workforce View 2020 study carried out by the ADP Research Institute, 55% of employees in France experience stress every week at work. Some sectors of activity are more affected than others, such as health, social, arts and entertainment, services... Since the health and economic crisis of Covid-19, things have not improved regarding the anxiety of employees in companies. According to a recent survey by Human Footprint and Opinionway, 34% would be in a state of burn-out (or “professional exhaustion syndrome”) since the health crisis, i.e. 2.5 million employees in France.

Several factors can cause burnout

Above all, it is essential to recognize the sources of stress at work in order to best reduce your anxiety.

Some possible causes of a state of burnout:

  • Lack of autonomy
  • The mismatch of values
  • The lack of recognition
  • Difficulties in delegating
  • Relations between colleagues or with superiors
  • Workload
  • Labor conditions

5 tips to reduce stress at work

It is important to prevent stress in the office before it takes on greater proportions and becomes a real burnout. A few tips can be implemented to avoid this.

1. Take breaks!

Breaks are essential to relax and stay efficient throughout the day. If your job is more sedentary, take the time to get out of your office chair regularly. You can, for example, go see a colleague, walk a little, get some fresh air or even leave your workplace during the lunch break... 


In addition to reducing and regulating stress, it is a real productivity boost! Moving during your break will help you recharge your energy and you will therefore be more efficient later on.

2. Avoid multitasking

Managing stress also means managing time and organization. Sometimes we have the illusion that taking care of several tasks simultaneously will save us time. In fact, multitasking increases anxiety and generally leads to a loss of efficiency. It is recommended to focus on only one task at a time. In addition, completely accomplishing a mission will make you feel great satisfaction and your motivation will be increased tenfold. These effects will systematically reduce your state of stress!


Take the time to summarize and schedule your daily tasks using to-do lists or a personal calendar that will be used to divide your day into your different missions.

3. Prioritize your missions

Another secret to effective organization and reduced stress: prioritizing tasks. 


Lack of time and overwork are two main sources of stress at work. In order not to let yourself be overwhelmed by the amount of work entrusted to you, it is necessary to identify the tasks that need to be done first, then in a second... It is also a way of knowing which tasks to delegate and therefore , to save time and above all to release tension.

4. Take care of your work environment

A neat workspace that looks like you can help reduce your stress and even help you relax! Decorate your office with small plants with soothing properties, candles with reassuring scents, photos or illustrations that you like... Personalizing your environment is promoting your well-being.

We spend on average 12% of our working life. It's a good argument to make sure you feel good there!

5. Communicate

Stress can also be the cause of a lack of communication at work. It may even be a taboo subject for some employees. Unfortunately, less than 10% stressed employees would dare to talk about it with their human resources department. 


Above all, the first step is to succeed in improving communication with your managers. It may happen that you think that your achievements are not sufficient, that you are not effective enough… In this case, do not stay in the dark! Instead, try to talk about this state of mind in order to clarify the situation with your employer.