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Dry January: 5 tips for a successful alcohol-free month

Dry January is literally dry January, sober January to do better. This month without alcohol returns to France in 2023 for the fourth edition, while it has existed across the Channel since 2013. It must be said that in France, the alcohol lobbies saw it with a bad eye. Anyway, the Dry January becomes more and more popular with each edition, despite the cultural attachment of the French towards alcohol. Understand that it is not a question of enjoining total abstinence from alcohol for a month, but rather of reducing it if stopping is not possible and above all, of thinking about its consumption and the place of alcohol in his life. If this is a challenge you are joining this year, here are our tips:

1- Make the Dry January: a choice without pressure

“No pressure”, do you have it? 😃

As we mentioned in the preamble, the goal of Dry January is less strict abstinence than understanding one's alcohol consumption and regaining control of it. The idea is to manage yourself and be lenient in case of deviation. Don't punish yourself if you give in during the month of January, because you only learn more about yourself! Dry January is not intended to make you completely and forever stop drinking alcohol; you do well as you want during the month of January then you resume (or not) in February, according to your desire and your projects. In fact, you determine an objective upstream according to the benefits you wish to derive from it; this will be your motivation to live well your month of January.


Embarking on the "month without alcohol" in a sincere way is the best choice to make! 

Dry January

2- "And you, are you doing Dry January this year"?

Let's take advantage of the worldwide reputation of Dry January to talk about it around us, with our work colleagues or even our loved ones. Announcing that you intend to register for “Sober January” or that you are thinking about it, can give courage and confirm your choices. Various reasons lead challengers to take up the challenge, including the desire to accompany a friend who does. You can also frankly ask your loved ones to support you in your approach. They can then help you resist temptations and encourage you in your efforts.

In business, it's the same principle. Talk about it with colleagues, you will be amazed at the feedback you will get! You could even start a "Dry January" team. Nothing better to help and motivate each other!

3- The key to Dry January: predicting situations

To put the odds on your side, it is better to prepare for this sober month of January. Decide how you will handle situations where alcohol will be served (for example, offering a non-alcoholic alternative to drink) and be prepared to deal with any temptations you may encounter during the month. Find alternative activities to occupy your free time and keep you entertained during alcohol-free month. It can be helpful to schedule activities that you like to do that don't necessarily require the consumption of alcohol, such as going to the movies, playing sports, or taking care of yourself.

In business, you can offer moments of team cohesion without alcohol, after work. For example, set aside a time during the week when you will meet with colleagues throughout the month of January; introduce a "lemonade and virgin tonic" theme on Thursday evening (why not) and practice a fun activity: ax throwing contest, darts tournament, card games... Being in a work context, it will be more acceptable to do not drink alcohol. In addition, if you practice a social activity, you psychologically reinforce situations where you can have fun without necessarily drinking alcohol. 

4- During the month without alcohol, everything is good to motivate yourself

Stay motivated: Participating in Dry January can be difficult, especially at first. Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it, and celebrate the small victories you achieve throughout the month. You can also join a support group or use apps to help you stay motivated and track your progress.

5- Direct benefits during the alcohol-free month

Think about the benefits of the alcohol-free month:

  • First of all, your health! Alcohol, the 2nd preventable cause of cancer death, is responsible for 11% of cancers in men and 4.5% of cancers in women (data: e-cancer)
  • In the short term during Dry January you will see:
    • better sleep
    • hydrated and beautiful skin
    • immediate weight loss
    • improved concentration
    • energy gain
    • more time for yourself and new activities to replace the hangover
    • it's up to you to find others!

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