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Movember 2023: prevention of prostate cancer and other male diseases

Movember, what is it?

It is a movement initiated in 2003 by Australians. They wanted to highlight men's health through the visibility of their mustache. The movement revolves around three causes:

  • Mental health and prevention of suicide among men; for three out of four suicides are those of men, and every minute a man commits suicide in the world.
  • prostate cancer, which is the second most common cancer in men worldwide; He is the first in France. The prevention of prostate cancer has become essential when we know that the chances of recovery increase considerably if it is detected early enough.
  • testicular cancer, a very common cancer in young men; however, it does not yet benefit enough from preventive actions.

Movember 2023 thus makes it possible to raise funds for scientific research around these three themes by breaking taboos thanks to resounding actions. Since its existence, Movember invites itself into companies by creating “Mo'ments” within the teams and by opening the dialogue on men's health.

Topics to discuss at Movember 2023

Prevention of prostate cancer

The prostate is a gland in the male body that secretes seminal fluid; this is part of the composition of sperm. Prostate cancer occurs when a malignant tumor grows from the cells of the gland. There are currently two ways to detect prostate cancer: the dosage of prostate antigen (called PSA), secreted by the prostate, and digital rectal examination. Re the PSA, if it increases abnormally, it is a sign of an abnormality in the prostate.

The following symptoms may indicate the existence of prostate cancer and should be monitored:

  • the urge to urinate becomes more frequent and more pressing
  • burning sensations appear when urinating
  • a feeling of bladder never emptied
  • ejaculation disorders or painful ejaculation

Movember 2023 is therefore an opportunity to promote the prevention and screening of prostate cancer:

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in France ; It is the 3rd leading cause of death from cancer in men. During his lifetime, one in eight men will declare prostate cancer; one in 29 men will die from it. Regarding the survival rate of prostate cancer, it varies according to the stage of its detection. As you might expect, the earlier it is detected, the greater the chance of 5-year survival:

  • 100% of 5-year survival rate at stage T1
  • 92% of 5-year survival rate at stage T2
  • 74% of 5-year survival rate at stage T3
  • 60% of 5-year survival rate at stage T4

Screening for prostate cancer is now made easier thanks to a prostate self-test; this detects an abnormal level of PSA in the blood. If it is greater than 4ng/mL of blood, the PSA level is considered to be high: you must then consult a doctor for a more in-depth health check-up.

Medisur's Prostate PSA self-test is on sale in pharmacies.


Men's Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

In the world, a man commits suicide every minute. It's a fact, men commit suicide three to four times more than women. For what ? Blame it on the definition of masculinity in our society. In 2023, male stereotypes still die hard; society still expects a man to be strong, flawless, invincible… Nothing makes him cry in this toxic definition of masculinity. And yet, the man is a human like the others, he feels various emotions, except that he still feels too ashamed to show his vulnerability, despite the efforts that begin to emerge.

Suicide prevention in men is one of the strong reasons why Movember was created. The goal is to open the dialogue on the emotions of men, to shoulder and support the Mo'bros in their accomplishment by unearthing and cherishing their vulnerability.

Prevention of testicular cancer

Testicular cancer particularly affects young men. Besides, he is the most common cancer among 15-35 year olds in France. Fortunately, it is one of the cancers with the best prognosis: 98% of cases recover, regardless of the stage of the disease.

Symptoms of testicular cancer are not frank. It is thus often the patient who detects a hard and painless mass inside a testicle.

Risk factors vary. A man who has a history of ectopic testicle, that is, one that did not descend into the scrotum during development, has a higher chance of developing testicular cancer. Other risk factors relate to testicular atrophy, a history of testicular cancer and environmental factors (in particular pollutants).

The best way to screen for testicular cancer is simply the self-examination of the testicles, practiced regularly. And we consult at the slightest doubt!


How to join Movember 2023?

  1. By becoming a Mo'bro or a Mo'sista, by registering on Movember official website
  2. For those who have a mustache, the principle of Movember is to shave their mustache completely when launching Movember; then, to let it grow naturally throughout the month, beardless. The goal is thus to be displayed, to open the dialogue and to raise funds.
  3. For those who do not wish to shave their mustache and let it grow, or who simply cannot; other actions await you! Travel 60 km throughout the month of November, in honor of the 60 men who commit suicide every hour in the world. Small races are thus organized throughout France. 
  4. It is also possible to simply bring together a professional team and organize a Mo-ment!

Movember, mustache month for good reasons

You have now understood, Movember gives the month of November the opportunity to speak. Talking and talking about men's mental health, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. In other words, make these diseases less taboo every year. The company then makes it a privileged place to prevent and take charge of one's health.

This is also where Medisur comes into play, by supporting companies in raising their teams' awareness of men's diseases. Whether in the form of webinars or conferences, online or on-site workshops, with prevention boxes for each participant, men's health prevention topics are addressed in a fun and educational way, for an impact efficient.

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Movember in business: what actions?

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