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Act for the health prevention at work

Training, health boxes and discussion workshops for the health, well-being and safety of teams.

Already more than 300 organizations trust us to take care of employee health

The health prevention, legitimate in business

80% of employees believe that the company has an essential role in supported of their health and well-being. Talking about it is already taking action!


Medisur the prevention expert health and QVT

A wide choice of training health, well-being and safety adapted to individual needs to make your CSR policy a real performance lever for the company.
A unique experience
onsite and remotely
Our Exclusive method combines awareness, active participation of employees thanks to Box health by Medisur and animation by health professionals.

Our interconnected prevention themes

The only health prevention approach that adapts to the teams to companies

Each of our clients deserves special attention, benefiting from a tailor-made approach according to their needs and strategic issues, to improve the quality of life of company employees.

Our WINNING formula

The method Medisur

Employees are made aware, benefit from the Health Box by Medisur for independent actions, and have access to interactive dialogue sessions with health experts.

méthode medisur_entreprises
Ask for a quote

Do you want to improve the well-being and health of your employees? Ask an expert for advice to find out how we can provide you with suitable solutions.

Customer testimonials
Their teams we love you
logo happydemics
Happydemics — “A very accessible, available and caring. The format is very convenient to get informed, then discuss in small groups and ask questions.”
Practical workshop Pink October
logo pernod ricard france_couleur
Pernod Ricard France — “Returns very positive. This sparked a strong interest employees. Many have come looking for health boxes after the conference”
Conference My skin and the sun
logo atomic digital design
Atomic Digital Design — “Workshop very useful since the women themselves asked to be palpated and guided in the self-examination[...]”
Pink October Participatory Workshop
logo groupe legendre
Legendre Group - "Very satisfied ! A speaker professional who knew how to answer all the questions of the public concerning the male pathologies [...]”
Movember Participatory Workshop
logo santé provence travail
Provence Health Work — “Device absolutely tremendous it reinforces the sensation on palpation.[...] I encourage doctors to use it, it will facilitate their examination. And women to practice self-examination with."
Self-examination pad
Ysé — “It was great [...] The professional was kind and pleasantfelt comfortable. The prevention workshop is pedagogic and allows us to be more aware of the risks involved.”
Pink October conference and boxes

Our training

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our biological tests

Medisur is also a french laboratory

Lab' Medisur develops several ranges of in vitro diagnostic medical devices or DMDIV in the form of RDTs and TRODs. They are distributed to healthcare professionals such as pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals.

We are ISO 13485 certified by AFNOR.

These self-diagnostic biological tests cover prevention, psychotropic drugs, fertility and Covid-19.

produits_autotest colorectal medisur
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