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A new website dedicated to health

Health is for everyone, but often with different approaches. Our new website is based on a practical aspect: having access to a multitude of information on a single site. One mission: to bring together companies, health professionals and the general public around health in all its forms.

An interface redesign to connect our targets

In order to make health accessible and within reach, our new site has more fluid ergonomics and new features:

  • Better navigation
  • A part blog health advice and news
  • A Online Store
  • A translation of the site in English

These new additions complete our site and offer a more complete user experience. The site is optimized to meet everyone's needs: different pages meet everyone's needs. Companies and health players each have a dedicated page to best meet their expectations. Thus, Medisur can serve several profiles on one and the same platform. the blog, intended for everyone, has been set up to facilitate the search for information on health advice and to link the issues together. The objective of this redesigned interface and to highlight a concept that echoes us: interconnected health!

Our visual identity is getting a makeover

Medisur is also reinventing itself in its visual identity! A new graphic charter allows us to better represent who we are: a modern company that knows how to renew itself and above all innovate. A revived, dynamic colorimetry while remaining faithful to our history. 

PS: Even the logo got a makeover! ✨​

Thus, the graphic consistency between our platforms (LinkedIn, instagram, Facebook) allows us to link our actions together and give them strong credibility. Impossible to confuse us! 

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An offer of health services in the image of renewal

On occasion, our services also benefit from a breath of fresh air! A brand new health catalog is available and offers more possibilities of action for health prevention. Whether you are a health professional, a company or an individual, the health catalog is suitable for everyone.

Medisur now counts 5 health themes flagships in its service offering. We act throughout the year on different themes: 

  • Overall health
  • Health security
  • Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health
  • Intimate health

As a company, explore the different health topics and choose how to take charge of the well-being of your employees. Discover what actions to propose within your teams !

The themes are thought out and segmented into several modules to adapt to everyone's needs and respond to problems encountered. 

An offer dedicated to health actors also makes it possible to advise pharmacists and to strengthen access to health prevention among the population. 

Medisur is committed every year to raising health awareness during national campaigns (Pink October, Blue Mars, Movember…). So that prevention becomes a reflex, whether at work or elsewhere.

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