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Maubeuge Val de Sambre urban area: Learning through play

Geoffrey Montulet
Health and Safety Manager
Agglomeration Maubeuge Val de Sambre


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Geoffrey, can you tell us about your activity and your commitments HRQoL?

I deal with subjects and projects related to the prevention of Health and Safety at Work as well as the improvement of working conditions. Since 2021, improving working conditions has been one of the major challenges of our HR strategy. We have integrated several areas of prevention into our strategy, including:

  • prevention of MSDs: We have therefore invested in ergonomic furniture allowing a “sit-stand” posture to act against a sedentary lifestyle
  • prevention of addictive behavior
  • prevention of psychosocial risks (RPS)
  • the development of collaborative work

QVCT makes it possible to align the challenges of an approach to improving working conditions. It makes it possible to mobilize the different actors in the community organization (management, managers, agents, staff representatives) with a common objective: to act for the well-being and safety of each employee.

We organize 1 to 2 prevention events each year. Recently, we set up a prevention forum with several activities ranging from information with the discovery of OHS training, to awareness of addictive driving and road risk with more fun workshops such as the “barrel car” or simulations. loss of grip.


The Maubeuge Val de Sambre urban area has nearly 400 agents who provide services to the population on a daily basis. From road maintenance to waste collection, the agents have real missions of proximity to residents. 

Sector: Administration

Number of employees : 150 (2024)

Seat : Maubeuge

Website :

Offer : Day of activities on the theme of safety at work

What were your challenges linked to your prevention action?

Every day, agents take to the road in sometimes difficult weather conditions. With the arrival of winter, they must manage 880 km of roads, which involves numerous professional risks.

We therefore wanted to organize a new “forum” to inform them about the various risks involved and the preventive actions to adopt as part of their missions as road officials.

What actions have you set up with Medisur?

The event benefited from a rich and diverse programming, including several animations. Medisur had a stand to inform our employees about psychoactive substances with different awareness tools (self-tests drugs and alcohol, explanatory memos, fake substances to learn to recognize them, etc.) and understand the dangers associated with consumption through several workshops: 

  • “Control your consumption” workshop: Animation with a measuring cup: Learn to assess the quantity of alcohol in a standard glass and adapt your consumption 
  • Awareness video : Video sequences made it possible to highlight the consequences linked to alcohol consumption and excessive speed, by identifying the main risk factors.
What were the returns of your colleagues?

Very good, the content was appropriate And simple to discover. The different entertainment playful allowed everyone to test themselves against their respective consumption. 

The participants were impressed by the workshop on “driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs”, highlighting the dangers of this driving. Our message of prevention for responsible driving has been well received!

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