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March 2023 Health Meetings

Following the release of our agenda downloadable from the Medisur website, we offer you a monthly meeting on our blog. The purpose of this meeting is to give you a clear summary of the important dates relating to health prevention and well-being for the next month. So this one lists all the well-being and health prevention appointments for March 2023. Quite simply!

March 1-31: Blue Mars

The month of March is a month of national mobilization against colorectal cancer. Throughout the month, everyone is invited to communicate widely about this cancer. One of the deadliest today in France, it is nevertheless curable if detected early enough. Hence the importance of screening!

March 4: World Awareness Day on virus-induced HPV diseases

HPVs are human papillomaviruses. They are very present in men and women and are responsible for infection of the genitals. 1/3 of HPV-induced cancers affect men. Moreover, the boss of PUBLICIS, Arthur Sadoun, very recently made public his fight against HPV-related cancer, and we salute him for this act. Taboos around cancer are tenacious, and even more so when it affects cancer at work. 

March 4-11: National Kidney Week

The kidneys become fragile over the course of a lifetime, in particular because of factors such as diabetes, overweight or even high blood pressure. Kidney failure can be prevented and thus avoid serious illness. Screening and prevention are the key words once again. 

March 6-12: World Glaucoma Week

Glaucoma is the leading cause of absolute blindness worldwide. The problem we encounter is that this serious disease is asymptomatic for a long time. So only preventive consultations can help detect glaucoma and thus act in time. 

March 9: National Hearing Day

On that day, an information campaign will spread throughout France, to prevent hearing problems. All ages are concerned: children, adults and seniors!

March 9: World Kidney Day

The day of March 9 will focus the main preventive action against kidney disease (see above). 

March 13-19: Brain Week

The aim of this week is to highlight the importance of brain research. It is organized throughout France as well as internationally. 

March 14-19: National Cancer Awareness Week

A whole week is devoted to the fight against cancer. According to official figures, more than a third of cancers are avoidable thanks to prevention. 

March 17: world sleep day

This day serves to highlight the relationship between mental health and sleep disorders. In France, it is the INSV (National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance) which leads this day. INSV will focus on beliefs related to sleep This year. 

March 20: World Oral Health Day

Cavities, which are still common, especially among young people, are preventable through proper oral hygiene. The communications of this day will go in this direction. 

March 20: World Happiness Day

The UN has established the International Day of Happiness on March 20 to coincide with the spring equinox.

March 22: World Water Day

The UN has organized this day for years to highlight the importance of fresh water. It thus supports the achievement of the goal of sustainable water development; its goal is to make it accessible and healthy for everyone.  

March 22: French Allergy Day

Badly treated and misdiagnosed, allergies have an impact on the health of the French. This day serves to sensitize as many people as possible to allergies.

March 30: World Bipolar Disorder Day

We end this health prevention month of March 2023 by highlighting bipolar disorders, which affect around a million people in France.