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Master the occupational hazards in the construction industry

Establish a health and safety prevention program in industrial sectors to strengthen the safety of high-risk positions and reduce accidents at work.

Medisur already supports 500 construction industry professionals

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Team up with Medisur to achieve your Goals

The construction and public works professions pose many risks for their workers and can jeopardize their health. We help you put in place a winning strategy for the company as well as for its employees.

Legal obligation

The Labor Code requires companies to ensure the health and safety of its employees. With us, you are in the nails.

A healthy employee who controls the risks related to his work is more efficient and effective. The teams then gain in productivity.

Absenteeism is not inevitable. Put the odds on your side by taking care of the health of your teams and allowing them to work in a safe place.


Reduce accidents at work and contain absenteeism

By giving your employees the keys to their health and safety, you create a safe, productive and sustainable work environment.

personalized training

We organize engaging workshops around occupational health and safety in the form of webinars and online training. The goal is to quickly train all your teams in occupational risks.

Health prevention box

Each employee has a health and safety prevention box to put our training into practice, including individual tests to be carried out in complete privacy.

group screening

We set up a screening stand in your company, so that each employee can test themselves on a chosen topic: alcohol, drugs, medication, blood sugar, COVID-19...

our health modules

Raise awareness your employees according to their interests

Among the wide range of health prevention themes that we are working on, a few stand out and seem more suited to the construction trades. Take advantage of the choice we offer you to respond to the problems encountered within your teams.

Occupational road risks

Machine operators and drivers in the construction industry are subject to major road risks during their missions. The best way to control these risks is still prevention.

work addiction

Whether it is alcohol, tobacco or medication, taking psychotropic substances not only affects the efficiency of workers but also exposes them to significant risks. Awareness opens the door to support in order to break away from it.

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