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How to really decompress during the summer holidays

The summer holidays are particularly expected! After long busy winter months, interrupted only by a few days off, the summer break languishes. However, we do not always really know how to take advantage of it. We return to the office without feeling really refreshed. Here are some tips to help you relax and fully enjoy your summer vacation.

Upstream preparation

There's nothing worse than going on vacation feeling unfinished. Leaving, knowing that files are not closed is the best way to think about the workload that awaits us at the start of the school year. So, without necessarily working exhausting overtime before departure, it is important to know how to do the handover. Take a moment with your colleague from the same pole to take stock of your current files and to continue. You can also list what is completed and what you will pick up when you return. Your list laid down, you will no longer need to have it in mind.

A disconnected summer vacation

The disconnection can be more or less rapid depending on our habits. To cut yourself off from work, the first thing to do is to deactivate the synchronization of your emails on your phone. Let's also think about deactivating work mode, and above all, turning off the work phone. To have peace of mind, the best solution is to leave an automatic email and a message on your answering machine to indicate the date of return and the contact details of a colleague to contact if necessary. Knowing that 55% of French employees feel stress at work, disconnection is paramount.

It is normal to keep thinking about work during the first days of vacation. The disconnection is done gradually and depends on each one. You have to let things happen naturally and not put pressure on yourself.

The length of summer vacation

The ideal length of vacation according to most experts and psychologists would be 2 weeks, or even 3 weeks. Indeed, the disconnection phase takes place during the first week. It is therefore essential to have an extra week, at least, to fully enjoy, the mind freed from constraints. The rhythm of our days, especially the time of waking up, also takes several days to change. The important thing is above all to have the feeling of resting and enjoying the activities planned during your holidays.

Knowing how to rest, clear your mind and… be bored!

During the holidays, many of us want to make the most of all the available time. See your family, go out with friends, travel, visit, do some DIY, garden, … According to some psychologists, we even tend to load our schedule on vacation just as we load it for work. It would be a way to escape boredom and the feeling of emptiness. However, these moments of boredom are in fact essential to us. They allow you to focus on yourself. Above all, it allows us to break the frantic pace that we adopt all year round. It's time to enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk in your neighborhood, for example, without rushing. Finally, for the holidays to be successful, rest is essential. Once again, before making plans on the comet, plan above all to RE-PO-SER.

Do not idealize your holidays and enjoy simple moments

Precisely, enjoying the little pleasures and avoiding over-idealizing your vacation will help you really enjoy your vacation. We tend to want to organize holidays that are “worth it”. However, it is not necessary to go to the other side of the world or to have an activity every day morning, noon and evening to appreciate this moment. On the contrary ! The holidays are above all an opportunity to be at peace and to appreciate the simple moments. Above all, let's avoid believing that the holidays will be perfect in every way. The good weather every day, the restaurant by the sea without a tide of people, reasonably priced hotels, the time (and energy) to visit all the must-see places, … This combination is almost impossible. It is also necessary to know how to accept the inconveniences (inevitable) of the summer holidays.

The important thing to remember is that no one has a totally common vision of the ideal vacation. On the other hand, for all those who really want to decompress, the main thing is to do what we like and to remove any feeling of unnecessary pressure or guilt.