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Burn-out, Rps at work

2 million working people affected by burnout, what to do ?

At Medisur, we support everyone – leaders, HR, QVT, OHS teams, managers and employees – to take charge of their mental health. 

Discover the objectives of the Burn-out prevention training, RPS at work:

Taking care of your health is all year round 

Our other training courses around mental health at work and PSR

Stress management through relaxation with sophrology

Cardiac coherence: breathe well, stress less

Micro-nap: the benefits for the body

Our guarantees

The commitments of Medisur

The selection of the best expert speakers (psychologist, therapist, coach, etc.) in health prevention

Adapted and original formats to engage your users



Participatory workshop

Team challenges

Human and technological support that adapts to you and not the other way around

Already more than 300 organizations trust Medisur to their health